Welcome to www.TimothyEWagner.com

          Since 2004, I have been networking with a diverse art community in St. Louis. My professional activities consist of marketing my artwork through galleries and public venues and working with artists of all trades. Through these activities and a personal website, I have sold over 30 pieces of work. I have hosted numerous solo exhibits and regularly participate in live art events. I thoroughly enjoy helping other artists gain exposure, by taking their work to various venues and displaying it or helping them curate for a show and help them build their reputation. My professional goals revolve around achieving my Master in Fine Arts degree so then I will have the capability to teach at the college level and get certified to teach high school. Also, be able to display my work around the globe and gain recognition as an established artist.

          My personal goals are to use my experience and contacts in the local art and business community to further my efforts in developing resources for individual artists. I have been associated with Art Dimensions (2004-2006), volunteering as a board director to help amateur artists gain exposure, by displaying their work at local venues throughout St. Louis, I have volunteered at The Taste of St Louis for 2006 and 2005 working at the information booth answering questions and handing out fliers and assisting other artists with setting up their sites. I have also been involved out of the art community giving private lessons to in my studio with an emphasis on painting and drawing and volunteer teaching the fine arts at city school districts in St. Louis.

          My learning experience will be contributed to my long-term goals be being involved in another art community depending where I live. I would like to be involved in meetings lead by artists, discussions groups, etc. I feel that my experience as an artist, I can give back to the community and show others how to achieve certain individualized goals in their field.

Timothy E. Wagner